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human body bag, human stays pouch, personnel pouch - a bag where the human body of a dead soldier is put

→ ちょっと私のかばんを見張っていただけますか? → 잠깐만 제 가방을 봐 주시겠어요? → Kunt u even op mijn tas letten? → Kunne du passe på vesken min et øyeblikk? → Czy mógłby Panprzez chwilę popilnować mój bagaż? → O senhor poderia vigiar minha bagagem por um minuto, por favor? → Не могли бы Вы минутку посмотреть за моей сумкой? → Skulle ni kunna vakta min väska ett ögonblick? → คุณช่วยดูกระเป๋าให้ฉันสักครู่หนึ่งได้ไหม? → Bir dakikalığına çantama göz kulak olur musunuz lütfen? → Bạn làm ơn trông giúp tôi cái túi một chút được không? → 请帮我照应着我的包

An individual's stolen my bag → لَقَدْ سَرَقَ شَخْصٌ ما حَقِيبَتِي → Někdo mi odcizil tašku → Nogen har stjåAllow min taske → Jemand hat meine Tasche gestohlen → Μου έκλεψαν την τσάντα → Me han robado el bolso → Laukkuni on varastettu → On m'a volé mon sac → Netko mi je ukrao torbu → Qualcuno mi ha rubato la borsa → 誰かが私のかばんを盗みました → 누군가가 내 가방을 훔쳐 갔어요 → Iemand heeft mijn tas gestolen → Noen har stjåAllow bagen min → Ktoś ukradł moją torbę → Alguém roubou minha bolsa → Кто-то украл мою сумку → Min väska har blivit stulen → มีคนขโมยกระเป๋าฉัน → Biri çantamı çaldı → Có người đã lấy cắp túi của tôi → 我的包被偷了

Within the 14th century, wary of pickpockets and intruders, Many individuals utilized drawstring luggage, through which to carry their dollars. These baggage were hooked up to "girdles" by means of a long wire fixed to the midsection.

schoolbag - a bag for carrying faculty books and provides; "located just the ideal dictionary to fit into his schoolbag"

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bag - a portable rectangular container for carrying apparel; "he carried his modest bag on to the aircraft with him"

You craft a backpack like a upper body but with leather-based as an alternative to wood. For just a significant backpack use tanned leather-based as an alternative to standard leather.

حَقِيبَةحَقيبَه، كيسقنيص، محصول قَنيص، مَحْصول الصَّيْديَضَعُ في كيس أو حَقيبَه، يُعَبّئيَقْنُصُ ، يَصطاد، يَقْتُلُ

ice bag, ice pack - a water resistant bag stuffed with ice: placed on your body (Primarily The top) to chill or minimize swelling

feedbag, nosebag - a canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (such as a horse); covers the muzzle and fastens at the very best of the head

overnight bag, right away scenario, overnighter - a small touring bag to hold clothes and extras for keeping overnight

During the Renaissance, Elizabethan England's fashions have been a my response lot more ornate than in the past before. Women's wore their pouches beneath the huge variety of petticoats and Guys wore leather pockets or bagges inside of their breeches. Aristocrats started carrying swete bagges crammed with sweet-smelling materials for making up for bad hygiene.[4]

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